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In today's world many people go to the gym. It is largely due to a mixture of improvements in gym equipment and more and more readily available information about workouts and diets. It's not just health magazines and the goverment promoting healthy living, but all business and comapnies, Everyone fomr teaching agencies in london to commercial whiskey brewers in Scotland. Keeping fit is a major goal for gym-users but many go to tone, fat burn and build muscle mass. It is often very popular with university graduates who for several months may be out of work and a structured workout will give them more stability. I got into working out after I finished at the university of birmingham where I studied History. Very quickly I decided I wanted to be a personal trainer and qualified as such.

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In order to build substantial muscle mass you need to hit the gym hard and eat plenty of protein. You can gain protein through chicken, eggs, fish and many other protein-rich foods, while also taking a gym supplement like whey protein shakes. A large amount of protein is needed to build muscle. Some diets suggest, for example, two chicken breasts for breakfast, with spinach and a couple of eggs. Then lunch would include a large portion of fish with a clean salad and for dinner two turkey breasts and a large serving of broccolli. This would be supplemented with substantial snacks in between meals which would include more protein. Then before and after the gym you would also take a protein shake.

Adding other clean foods like wholemeal rice and pasta, as well as porridge, will give you much needed carbs for energy. When you go to the gym to bulk up you need protein to actually help the ripped muscle grow back bigger, often referred to as feeding the muscle, but carbs are important too. To keep going at the gym and push yourself, you need plenty of natural energy from good carbs. If, however, you eat and eat carbs but do no exercise then you will gain fat. Your body will store it. You must also make sure you avoid bad fats like sugar, chocolate, crisps, cakes and alcohol to prevent gaining fat and stop muscle building prevention.

You need to eat a large portion of calories each day to aid in building muscle, which you will get from a clean diet, as long as you eat plenty. For many people, eating lots of these sort of foods is very difficult when starting out. Especially learning to eat solid portions of foods like chicken for breakfast, but eventually your stomach will expand to cope.

After you've reached a large muscular size you are happy with or once you reach the in-season period, then you will want to burn excess fat in order to have a fully ripped look. During off-season bulking, eating large portions of carbs will be burned off largely in your workout but because you are eating big portions but your muscle will still be covered by fat unless you trim. Don't worry, this won't mean you are fat and will still look big, but just not as defined as you would with a lower body fat percentage. Some people are happy with a bulked look. I did the Gladiator Challenge whilst still living in Birmingham and needed to trim down so I was slimmer and fitter to last longer and it can be tough. Brad Pitt in Fight Club had an extremely low body fat percentage to the point that he looked extremely lean and cut in the film but said he couldn't have stayed that lean regularly because it was unhealthy. For Rocky III Sylvestor Stallone claims he cut down to less than 3% body fat. You will simply need to only trim down to under about 9% to look cut. Athletes will often be at about 4-6%, depending on their sport.

But while trimming, you still need to be eating large portions of clean protein and continue your usual workout. Eat some carbs before the workout but don't eat anywhere near as much. What you need to do is add cardio to your workout. You can add an extra ten minutes to the end of the workout where you do some high intensity interval training. This is where you run at full speed on the treadmill for a minute, then walk for a minute, then run for a minute and so on for ten minutes. Your muscle workout will have burned away any energy stores and this HIIT workout will go to work directly at the fat. It will also send your metabolism into a bit of a frenzy, where it will continue to burn calories at a faster rate for a longer period afterwards.

The good thing about having substantial muscle is, to a degree, whatever you eat will be burned off at a much faster rate by your muscles themselves. They are like a steam engine, speeding up your metabolism but need feeding constantly with the right fuel, so they will take what they can get to a degree.